It’s Always important to look at the numbers to do an analysis of what could happen in the future for real estate. There is nobody in the world not even the top economist that can predict how the real estate market will turn out. I’ve received a lot of questions regarding a real estate market crash or the housing bubble going to pop, I am here to show you the actual numbers of what is happening in the city of Riverside and Rancho Cucamonga. We take how many how Many houses went onto the market, how many entered escrow, and how many sold out within that month. I also give you the number of total available homes for sale currently on the market.? ?In the next months market update video we can take the November numbers and compare them to October and will continue to do that every month after. This will give us a good indication of what the market is doing. We cannot predict if there will be a real estate market crash, housing bubble popping, or even a slight decrease of prices in homes, but keeping tabs on the market will allow us to stay educated and a head of whatever may happen. If you have any questions or would like me to run an analysis on your city don’t hesitate to reach out to me or leave a comment in this video. If you would like to discuss a real estate plan for your purchase or sale of a home even investments, feel free to let me know I would love to help?.?


October 2021 Housing Market Update